Mondi Dynäs AB, Sverige

Plant information: Paper Mill, Bark fired boiler
Capacity: 15 MWth
Boiler manufacturer: Generator
Boiler type: Converted oil fired boiler
Fuel: Bark
Installation year/s: 1990
Sonic Cleaner/s: 1 x APX2000
Cleaning area: Economizer

The boiler was originally constructed to be oil-fired, but it was converted to be bark-fired. Before Infrafone’s Sonic Soot Cleaner was installed the customer used shot cleaning and flushed with water regularly. The customer had to cope with problems generated by the shot cleaning system. Since the installation of Infrafone’s Sonic Soot Cleaner in 1990, it has been working properly and it keeps the entire economizer completely clean without any additional need of other soot cleaning methods.

Some of the benefits that the Sonic Soot Cleaning System has brought to the customer are:

  • Higher boiler availability.
  • Reduced wear of the tube bundles.
  • Reduced maintenance of the economizer.