SYSAV, Malmö, Sverige

Plant information: Heating Plant (HP)
Capacity: 2×29 MWth, Boiler 1(P1) and Boiler 2(P2)
Boiler manufacturer: Martin GmbH
Boiler type: Grate
Fuel: Domestic and industrial waste
Installation year/s: 2008 and 2009
Sonic Cleaner/s: 2xAPL1000, 2 x APX2000
Cleaning area: 2x Economizer, 2xEvaporator

SYSAV is a municipality owned company whose purpose is to deal with the regional waste disposal for the 14 owner municipality in southern Skane. One of the procedures is energy reclamation through waste combustion.

Prior to the installation of Infrafone’s Sonic Soot Cleaners, continuous shot cleaning was being used in both the evaporator and the economiser on P1 and P2 in order to keep the tube bundles clean. SYSAV needed to close down the boilers for manual cleaning of the evaporators and economisers every 10th-12th week.

Some of the benefits that the Sonic Soot Cleaning System has brought to the customer are:

  • Higher boiler availability. The boilers are running the whole season without any need of manual cleaning of the evaporators or economizers.
  • Improved working environment due to reduced manual cleaning.
  • Eliminated need of shot cleaning. This has also reduced the wear of tube bundles and their maintenance need.
  • Increased boiler efficiency. The exhaust gas temperatures in the evaporator are lower and more stable.
  • The deposits in the evaporator are looser.